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Forensic Pathology

Forensic Pathology

“Forensic pathology is a branch of medicine that applies the principles and knowledge of the medical sciences to problems in the field of law”

(Di Maio 2001)

Forensic Pathologist

Dr Leon after his training in Greece and the USA passed the state exams, according to national law, and was certified as a Forensic Pathologist. As a certified Forensic Pathologist and a sole trader he maintains one of the few private medico-legal practices in Greece.

Forensic Pathologist is a doctor who has completed studies in this specialization and has passed the appropriate examinations as set by law. It is therefore a profession practiced according to legal criteria which the doctor needs to meet before gaining a license to practice.

Forensic Pathology is today a very well-known specialization of the medical profession in many of the developed countries. In the USA and the UK it is also usually called “Forensic Medicine” or “Forensic Pathology”, while in the rest of Europe and the Hispanic world it is called “Legal Medicine”.

In Greece, the Forensic services of the Ministry of Justice, the Laboratories of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of the Universities and the Hospitals of the National Health System could wage medicolegal acts, under the order of the district attorney, of investigator bodies and of investigators (Law 3722/2009). State Forensic doctors are prohibited from practicing in the private consulting practices. There are also legal private forensic clinics operating in the country that provide a wealth of services to citizens, law firms and insurance companies that resort to them.

The services that forensic doctors can provide are in fatal and non-fatal cases and in cases involving traffic, labor and other accidents, life-threatening crimes, medical errors, physical and sexual abuse, genetic paternity tests, and others that you can see through the pages of this site.